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A loyalty program for your salon definitely looks good on you! Here’s how you can have one…

stylish-vibrant-beauty-salon-interior-design11. Keep it simple

No complicated constructions, for example, 1 point per treatment or 1 point for every Ksh. 100 spent. Transparency for the customer and fewer questions for you.

2. Keep your customers informed

With PAID the customer can see the number of points earned via SMS. Some say that this method may be intrusive to the customers’ privacy. But who doesn’t like to know when they have been rewarded? The fact is, they will be so impressed at the experience, they are likely to tell their friends about it. PAID also makes it is possible to filter clients on the number of loyalty points they have earned. This way you can send targeted campaigns.

3. Give small and big rewards

Not all customers are the same. One customer wants to save for a treatment, while another customer is happy with a product for less loyalty points. Provide a varied program so all customers are encouraged to save.

4. Reward word of mouth

Let your customers work for you by offering loyalty points for bringing in new customers. You can even choose to reward loyalty points to the new customer as well. Good for business and good for current and new customers.

5. Fill your quiet days with loyalty points specials

Sometimes you have days when only 70% of your day is booked. It is a shame to not fill up the remaining 30%. You can solve this, for example, with a special promotion where loyalty points are worth twice as much on that specific day. You can do this via SMS, a newsletter or on your Facebook page.

6. Reward VIP customers

Reward the customers who visit your salon often for their loyalty. For example, invite your top 10 customers, who have saved up the most loyalty points, to a special evening where they get exclusive treatments.

7. Everyone participates

A successful loyalty program is supported by everyone who works at the salon. Your employees can tell the customers everything about the loyalty points program and encourage their enthusiasm. So make sure they are up to speed when it comes to your loyalty program, why do you have the program and what are the benefits for the customers.

Do you need help setting up your loyalty program? Do not hesitate to contact us. We love helping you.

Rewarding Loyalty is your restaurant’s favorite dish!

Rewarding Loyalty is your restaurant’s favorite dish!

Can a restaurant owner increase sales through customer loyalty? A loyalty program that’s well-designed can increase traffic and customer satisfaction, keeping clients coming back for more. A study by Loyalogy has found restaurant loyalty programs increase visits by 35%.

The key is knowing how to design a program that works for your restaurant so you can achieve maximum benefit. What may work for a brunch place may not work for a pizzeria, and it’s important to keep this and other factors in mind.

Here are some points to seriously consider when designing or upgrading your restaurant’s loyalty program to ensure it provides payback:

1) Most restaurants would benefit from a loyalty reward program. Restaurants catering to large lunch crowds near customers’ workplaces and neighborhood restaurants often have regulars; offering a loyalty program will be something they would be interested in.

2) A well-designed program will provide motivation to frequent a restaurant more often. Rewards that customers want entice them to engage and accumulate reward points. Using information captured by the loyalty program allows businesses to design rewards that customers want. Businesses can then use data collected from loyalty programs to craft rewards customers want. While one person will come back for more so they can get a free dessert, another may be motivated by receiving half off a signature item.

3) Understand your customers. Knowing what a customer likes in terms of rewards is just the start. Be creative and come up with a variety of rewards and ways to achieve them. Switch between desserts and appetizers to a discount on meal when a minimum amount is purchased. Little changes to your rewards program keeps customers eager to participate in the next challenge, and help attract new diners to your tables. (Check out for PAID’s new JumpStart and AutoReward feature in our next features’ update)

4) Explore untapped opportunities in running a mobile-based loyalty program. Restaurant frequenters say they like alerts on deals and specials via SMS and email. However, a restaurant’s reach can be amplified by employing a digital loyalty program, similar to PAID. It’s unobtrusive, seamless and easy to use, for both the restaurant owner and the consumer. The data helps restaurant owners use insights into customer preferences to better customize and offer programs that increase revenues.

Employing a loyalty program helps restaurants compete effectively in today’s marketplace. PAID’s mobile based loyalty platform makes this possible, offering data that powers your reward program with insights into customer preferences – allowing restaurant owners to #EngageBetter with their customers and unlocking the power of customer loyalty.

Here’s all that you need to know about Customer Loyalty: Statistics 101

Here’s all that you need to know about Customer Loyalty: Statistics 101

You probably don’t like math. Don’t worry though, this is not one of those lessons where we use stochastic processes to determine the probability distributions of potential outcomes by allowing for random variation in one or more inputs over time. This random variation being based on fluctuations observed in historical data for a selected period using standard time-series techniques. No sir, this is not one of those lessons. in fact, this will be one of the shortest blog posts you have ever come across. In this piece, I am going to share simple, research-backed statistics to remind you anyway that loyal customers are the back bone of every single business.

1. 5X – 25X The amount spent to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

2. 80 – 20 80% of your business’ revenue comes from just 20% of your customers.

3. 5% Increase in customer loyalty would increase the average profit of a customer by 25% – 100%

4. 87% of shoppers would want a loyalty program.

5. 90% Increase in purchase frequency from highly-engaged customers.

6. 60% More per transaction made by highly-engaged customers.

7. 73% of shoppers say that a loyalty program should demonstrate how loyal a brand is to them.

8. 86% of loyalty program members agree that programs are worth it.A PAID user's poster


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