Think of it this way, you have a shoes/clothes shop. You want to understand your customers
and be in their ‘shoes’ for a while. You want to see how you can get more clients in such a
competitive business environment. Ask yourself, how often do you buy clothes and shoes
yearly especially during holidays, for the special events you attend, for your kids every time
there is a celebration, event holiday and even every time there is an occasion that is a must
attend, for your friends and family as gifts? Quite often isn’t it? Especially ladies you see a
cute shoe being sold in a shop you want to buy? Often you would say, “It was too pretty that
I couldn’t resist so I bought it for myself or I bought it for so and so.” Now the next question
obviously becomes, “Can I get the same item at a lower price? You as a customer you would
like to get some sought of fair trade and discounts etc.

That is why we are here! Loyalty programs enable you to retain your customers by giving
them a reason to remain loyal to your business. You offer them a card less system that is
client friendly enabling them to earn points every time they make a purchase and they can
redeem them when they reach certain thresholds. PAID is the loyalty platform which keeps
them glued to you hoping to get a reward for buying. It’s a party for both the client and
business person at the end of the day! Sounds great yeah?
What are you waiting for? Be the pace setter and let’s help you #EngageBetter then watch as
you grow your customer base and retain your loyal customers. Contact us on 0700 200 000
or and let us help you get started.