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Genteel 99 Ole Sangale Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Genteel is a men’s fashion and grooming company that makes garments tailored to help career-forward men, who want to dress appropriately and tastefully, by ensuring proper fit and encouraging individuality. We merge our very own Kenyan idiosyncrasies with British craftsmanship to create a garment that fits the Kenyan male stature and is specific to the man’s needs. We give the man the freedom to be themselves and design their own garment with the help of our company’s lead designer. Our aim is to tell the man’s story through the garments we make. The suit maintains a formal and official appearance on the outside; while allowing the man the freedom to personalize the suit’s inner-lining to his own liking. This gives it a bold statement of individuality. We do this because we believe, Image is only half the story Told.

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