About Us

PAID is customer loyalty and engagement software that enables merchants to set up and run a mobile- based loyalty program for its customers. It is a cloud-based, web application that is white-labeled, allowing you to customize it to suit your desired brand experience. PAID is currently supporting 68 diverse clients - in terms of industry and size - to boost their customer service experience.

Why use Paid

PAID is the leading provider of loyalty solutions in the region. We currently have 68 merchants leveraging our software to create personalized customer experiences and drive up engagement and B2C relationships.

We have a greater focus on customer engagement primarily on SMS because of its immediacy, ease of personalization, automation and versatility in terms of device type. Our studies have determined that customers pay key attention to SMS’s from merchants who consistently award them for doing business with them. Therefore, they will be interested to know how many points they have accumulated, their new point’s balance, what they can redeem the points for and what other offers they can enjoy..

We also enable you to collect feedback or encourage future bookings by embedding an email address or URL to the automatic SMS. This makes it easier for a client to get in touch with you whenever they want to.