How Paid Works

PAID is an all in one interactive platform that enables you to register, award and reward your customers for their loyalty.

Register your customers onto your loyalty program using their name, phone number, email, date of birth and a host of other information that may be relevant to your business. Card numbers are also applicable if you wish to issue loyalty cards.

Award loyalty points to your customers every time they pay for goods and services at your store. You can also award loyalty points to your customers for non-financial transactions such as referring their family & friends, sharing your posts on social media, making an early booking and any other desired action that warrants recognition.

Track your loyalty program’s performance with our comprehensive analytics dashboard. Get an overview of your program’s performance as well as a view of every registered customer’s history with your business.

Engage your customers automatically via SMS. Once a customer makes a purchase, an SMS is sent to them automatically thanking them for doing business with you, showing them their points’ earned as well as their new points’ balance. Take advantage of this captive audience by sending out campaigns about special offers and other relevant communication using our powerful Bulk SMS feature..