Get Found online. Paid enables you to build an engaged following for your business.

Customer referrals

Your happy customers are your ambassadors to the world. Give them more reason to keep coming back and bringing their friends to your business. Incentivise your happy customers to refer their friends to your business.
Reward both referer and referee upon each succesfull referal.

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Interact with your customers

Listening to your customers is the modern day R&D. Paid offers you easy to use tools to use to communicate with your customers and keep them engaged.

  1. Get feedback
  2. Thank customer for purchases
  3. Create custom rewards & offers
  4. Get instant inquiries, orders & Bookings instant

Happier Customers = Happier merchants

Reach and allow more customers to reach you.
Create a unique business description & a photo of your business. You have the opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers instantly.
Access a greater audience for your business on paid listings today.

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